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Discover the novelty of Segway!


After a short initiation to Segways in front of the cathedral, make your first rounds in the pedestrian streets of St-Omer, then take a ride through our beautiful public garden.



Discover the pleasure of a segway escapade in the midst of several St-Omer sites!


Depart for the discovery of St-Omer through the course of an hour circuit after a brief 15 minute initiation to segways. You will find yourself enjoying the simplicity of this unique adventure in which you will appreciate all the major sites from a new perspective. Starting with two very important sites, we will begin at the cathedral and go to the ruins of St-Bertin, followed by the Foch neighbourhood. The rest of the visit will include the old arsenal and the train station, which is one of the region’s most beautiful in its neoclassic architectural style. Then we will return to Place Foch via Rue Dunkerque, which has always been St-Omer’s main shopping street.



A sensational escapade in nature, in which we will traverse 13 km to the heart of an 1,000 acre forest and finish at the audomarois marsh, a UNESCO recognized as biosphere reserve


After an initiation, we will depart to “Grange nature” in Clairmarais to explore over the course of an hour and a half segway ride. You will discover the pleasures of steering through the various terrains. The outdoorsy venture takes us to the heart of the Rihoult forest to the beginnings of the audomarois marsh.

Number of participants: between 2 to 6 individuals
The initiation takes around 1 to 3 minutes per person and is included in the time of the tour
Minors less than 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent
Minimum weight : 45kg.
Maximum weight : 120kg
Helmets are provided and obligatory
Audioguide systeme is possible
The tour can be modified to accomidate groups



For those with the desire for independence and liberty, pass the training to become “Segway Advance User” and rent a segway.
Note that you can rent a segway from the network agencies of Mobilboard*.


After an accompanied 2 hour ride of “Tourism and Leisure,” you can choose to pass the test, involving 2 hours of advanced training (with a maximum of 4 people per group) in order to pass 12 test exercises.


Minimum age  : 18 years old
Note that you can rent a segway from the network agencies of Mobilboard*.



€15 30 minutes Initiation Ride
€25 1 hour Saint-Omer Discovered
€35 1 hour 30 Between Forest and Marsh
€65 ≈2 hours Permit Training for “Segway Advanced User”


More information

Adresse : 7 place victor hugo

Code postal : 62500

Ville : Saint-Omer