The “Salle du Manège” was built in 1830 to act – as its name suggests – as a riding arena for cavalry horses.

Enjoying a superb acoustic, it was rwampled in 2012 and converted into a entertainment and conference venue. The Salle du Manège is a contemporary blend of architectural quality and high tech performance. It offers a sophisticated, intimate setting for one man shows (Mado la Niçoise, Ary Abittan, etc.) and concerts (Arno, Thomas Fersen), which are put on all year round. As it can be adapted to suit any occasion, the Salle du Manège is also ideal for fairs and conferences.

More information

Tickets : Le Baillage, Grand’Place d’Aire-sur-la-Lys : +33 3 21 39 65 66

Contact : Mairie d’Aire-Sur-la-Lys , Grand’Place : +33 3 21 39 65 66


Adresse : Place du château

Code postal : 62120

Ville : aire sur la lys