Constructed in 1904, its architectural grandeur makes it a place of prestige

One of the most beautiful train stations in the region

The first train station in St-Omer was constructed in 1848, and during the 1860s, the town officials began envisioning a new train station to help with increasing traffic. Space opened up for the construction of the new train station as the old fortifications were dismantled around the city, and the new train station was inaugurated in 1904.

In a neoclassical architectural style, the train station used the model of a 17th century castle with its symmetry, high ceilings, and garden.

The material is high quality slate, blue stone from Soignies, and white stone from Creil. During the time that it was built, it was more typical to build in iron and glass, making this train station quite the exception.

A major element of the development and image of the town

The train station allowed much more developmentm and in particular, it made a greater level of exportation of the agricultural products from the Audomarois marsh possible.

The renovations of the train station

In 1984, the St-Omer train station was included in the supplementary list of historic monuments.

The building  is being refurbished today, and due to the city’s work on the train station, the town earned the label “Innovative Region.” The space has modern furniture and kinectic panelsm and this fresh organization warmly welcomes people  coming to St-Omer by train.

The railway station’s building is currently closed for renovations, but the station is still active.


More information

Adresse : Place du 8 mai 1945

Code postal : 62500

Ville : Saint-Omer


  • Main building closed for renovations

  • Buses run Monday-Saturday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM & Sunday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM