The first glassworks was founded in 1825 in Arques, also known as Les Fontinettes, at the foot of the water locks of the Des Lyons family from Noircarmes.

The ideal location on the canal permitted easy transportation of raw materials and exportation of the sand quarry’s production.

During the 19th century, several successive owners produced demijohns, or large glass jugs, and bottles at the site.

In 1897, Prudent Avot, a papermaker in Blendecques, bought the business in Arques. He placed Georges Durand in charge, who successfully pushed the company forward so well that Avot handed the reigns over to him entirely in 1916. After producing a great deal for England during the Great War, the company further developped, and though still using manual production, they output 10 tons everyday during the 1930s.

Following a trip to the United States in 1930, Georges Durand started a large shift with a new oven, representing the beginning of the mechanisation and specialisation of production, such as that of windshields. Durand brought in his son Jacques to the business and worked closely with engineers to perfect the machines.

Following the Second World War and a second voyage to the United States, the company developed new modernised machinery, specialised their products, and released the brand label, extending the reputation of the glass enterprise. Spreading out beyond its original site, the work site grew into a true city within the city of Arques, and eventually, it expanded to the other countries, becoming Arc International, the world leader in tableware.

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