You loved the Escape game organised by the Saint-Omer region tourism and convention bureau from June 2016 to October 2017 : In about one year, more than 2000 players challenged the director of La Coupole, or tried to solve the rockets enigma. You thinked, ran, laughed, stressed, screamed… But more than everything, you had fun. You want some more ? Good news : the Tourism bureau propose two new games !

A wonderful place

It is in the Saint-Omer Dupuis museum that the new stories were born. More than 10 years after its closure to the public, this building ,still sheltering lots of objects that the private collector Henri Dupuis gathered in the XIXth century, is now welcoming visitors again. Two spaces were converted to receive the players, with no risks to damage the marvelous collections of the museum.

Some new challenges

Two games are proposed at the Dupuis Museum. In the first one, the groups go on the footsteps of Henri Dupuis, who gave his name to this museum. They try to solve the mystery of the Audomarois and to reveale a well-keep secret.

The second game dive the players into the house of the witch Marie Groët, which might not be who we think she is… They have one hour to descover her secret, set free the children she kidnapped, and stop her forever.

An escape game at home, work, restaurant…

Beside these new games, the Tourism Bureau teams have developped a mobile escape game. Trunks that contain coffers, which also contain boxes, which contain bags… And always some enigmas to solve to open the locks and to discover the final key. This game can go anywhere : it is possible to transport it to a seminar, in a reception room, an accommodation, a company… It can gather about 30 people at the same time.