A Geotour: Grand treasure hunt in the Pays de Saint-Omer

A grand adventure awaits you in the Pays de Saint-Omer! Do you love clues, challenges, and discoveries? Then geocaching is perfect for you! Great news: le Pays de Saint-Omer has its own geotour!

How does it work?

80 hiding places scattered across the Pays de Saint-Omer and the Pays de Lumbres. A little pot, a steel box, a birdhouse… plenty of objects to discover throughout a grand hunt of fun treasures with the help of the GPS on your smartphone. At each site, you will discover a log book and can trace your route. The app will also allow you to mark your discoveries.

Who is it for?

Geocaching appeals to the youth and adults alike; families, groups of friends, solo adventurers…Born in the 2000s in the United States, this activity was developed throughout the entire world and still attracts players across the planet today. First and foremost, it consists of a recreational activity that allows its players to wander and discover natural sites, cultural destinations, and the area’s heritage in its original form. Geocaching can be done for free and the geotour does not have to be completed in its entirety. It’s possible to only seek a couple caches, or hidden clues, and have some fun while on a stroll. On the other hand, competitors who love a challenge can also have the chance to win prizes by completing a route or discovering a certain number of hidden clues under a certain amount of time.


Attention: hidden caches are classified according to varying levels of difficulty. Some discoveries might entail climbing a tree or crossing a river. Some are only accessible by ladder… All these specifics are included in the app, allowing you to be prepared and select the caches of your desires.


Wait no longer and download the app for iOS or Android and try out the GeoTour du Pays de Saint-Omer: in the app’s search bar, GeoTour category, type GT8A.